Welcome to the World of Thought Tank Games

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This is Doctor Prometheus, Wielder of the Nine Flames of Azor-Tul, Keeper of the Tome of Thoth, and Stealer of Secrets. I have seen the visions in the ever-shifting fires.

You may not know this, but through superhuman feats of will and uncanny patience, we are now gearing up to launch the Superhero Deck Building Board game, “Superhuman: Rise to Power”.  This strategic Deck Building Card and Board game will allow you to wield powers you could only dream of.

We hope to have enough support to launch a Kickstarter Account by this summer.  You can contact us at info@thoughttankgames.com, or like us on Facebook.  Learn more about amazing board and card games brought to you by Thought Tank Games LLC.  Leave a comment, and we’ll be happy to respond to any questions you might have!

Until next we meet…


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