Character Origins: The Mutant

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mutagenicmight Have you recently had a freak accident at a chemical plant?  Do you have a nagging feeling    that those dreams about aliens experimenting on you and altering you DNA are real?  Is that  recent radioactive exposure making you feel funny?  If you have had any of these recent  experiences, you might just be a mutant.

With the Mutant Power Origin, you gain your powers from your inhuman genetic nature.    Something about each mutant is unique, and patently physically different, in comparison to  the typical human being.  One girl might have wings sprouting from her back, while some  other guy might have retractable claws like a tiger.  Some others have been known to sprout  rock-like skin or impossibly large muscles and superhuman strength.  While mutants have a  variety of powers and are often quite different from one-another, they share the fact that they  cannot be classified as fully human due to their unique physical traits.

Sometimes, the origin of a mutant’s powers is an inherent alien nature, the result of a species’ evolution as it mutated in a vastly different environment than a typical human.  For instance, some species of mutants may have a developed echolocation as a sixth sense due to a lack of light during a millennia of isolation on a cold ice planet, or have super strength due to life on a planet with a greater gravitational pull than earth.

Other mutants were once humans, but uniquely inhuman due to the result of freak accidents in lab experiments, exposure to unique forms of radiation, or gene-splicing between humans and various animals or other alien creatures.  Such catalysts grant monstrous traits or superhuman physical prowess.  Is it any wonder super-humans keep rising to power when the ecosystem is so polluted?  Well at least some of these mutant types are using their powers for good…

If you are a mutant, then however your powers are acquired, you are physical force of nature.   You won’t rely on gadgets, need someone to teach you how to punch, or learn invocations to call upon otherworldly psychic powers.  Instead, your unique physique allows you to destroy the opposition, whether by physical strength, speed, or agility.  You are a natural at what you do.  Where the Inspired relies on training and gadgets, or the Gear Head hides behind artificial bionics or a suit of armor, the mutant relies on his own physical body to devastating effect.

Mutants prefer to get into the center of the action, and can typically move faster than other classes.  They can also dominate melee scenarios by relying on powers like super-strength or invulnerability to fend off attacks.   They can gain the highest Physical Power in the game, and tend to have a higher Vitality and Action Score than their non-mutant rivals.

The weakness of a mutant is his limited mental powers.  While a mutant can be bright and as intelligent as any human, a typical mutant will prefer to rely on his physical strength and natural ability to get things done quickly.  However, he may be blind-sided by mental attacks leveled at him by a paranormal psychic attack.

When building a deck for a Mutant character, it is important to have powers that allow you to quickly close the gap between you and your enemy, such as Supersonic Speed or Incredible Leap. You will also want a variety of close combat powers that destroy your foes when you can get your hands on them, like Infinite Fists or Flat
ten Foe.  Don’t forget to stock your deck with a variety or defensive powers as well, whether it be Rapid Recovery, which relies on inhuman levels of regeneration, or Bullet-Proof Hide, which can help you shrug off bullets as you charge your prey.

Our first two Mutant characters are Vector Man, the inhumanly fast, super strong speedster who channels kinetic energy and manipulates sound waves, and Titanus, the shape-shifting, growing juggernaut of stone and steel.  Check out our Power Origins Page for sample power cards and character cards, and stay tuned for more details!