Character Origins: The Inspired

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Hello fellow gamers!

I, Dr. Prometheus, have been studying my rivals, and am now I ready to show you their strengths.  This series of articles will be illuminating each of the four character origins, and the different characters that are built around these origins and the powers associated with them.

To begin this series, I must point our that, concerning those with Superhuman gifts, there are four different Character Origins.  You can think of these four Character Origins as character classes.  Each Character Origin will give you a different set of power types to choose from before you play the game Superhuman: Rise to Power.   Your Power Origin determines the powers you have and the strategies you will use in combat as a hero or a villain.

Characters with the Inspired Character Origin have developed superhuman abilities by unlocking the vast potential of the human being.  Through a truly inspiring dedication to human perfection, the Inspired have learned to master great skill, whether it be the art of the sword, sharpshooting, martial arts, gun-slinging, the building and use of strange gadgets that require skill to use, or even the arts of stealth and misdirection. Rather than trade blows fist for fist with a nine-foot metallic monster, you prefer to dance around your foes, a hard target with unerring accuracy and tactically advantageous tricks, who can find the chinks in your enemies’ armor.  The Inspired prefers precision and finesse over brute strength and flashy blasts.

When your skills don’t match up to the superhuman levels of titanic strength possessed by a mutant, or mystic attacks directed to you from a Paranormal, you turn to an arsenal of gadgets and weapons that allow you to find your way out of sticky situations or distract your foes.  Power cards such as Throwing Knives, Grappling Hook, or Smoke Bomb are ideal for moving quickly and efficiently.  You can also arm your deck with a variety of deadly weapons, from sniper rifles, to pistols, to katana blades.   Whatever your weapon of choice, it will be more deadly in your hands than when wielded by your enemies.

In game terms, if you choose the path of the Inspired, you will be balanced between your physical and mental abilities.  You will be able to handle attacks from either hulking mutant brutes or mind bending psychic mentalists, and you can use your versatility to target your enemy’s weaknesses.  Typically, your powers can boost physical or mental power statistics to mid ranges, but your real strength lies in the ability to give yourself bonuses to combat rolls born of unmatched skill that surpass any other class, and defensive moves that allow you to avoid being detected or targeted by your foes until you are ready to engage them in a final showdown.

The true strength of The Inspired is in his or her adaptability and mobility.  He or she is a skirmisher, who can fight at a distance or in close combat, but prefers to be on the move.  The Inspired should have a balance between Physical and Mental Power, and should have a high Action Score and Talent Score to be successful.

When building a custom power deck for an inspired character, it is good for an inspired character’s power deck to have a mix of ranged weapons, close combat weapons, and skills that stack and make you a formidable foe when using particular weapons of your choosing.  Also, don’t forget to pack gear into your power deck that will help you out of sticky situations in a pinch.

Our first two Inspired characters are Scope, the gun-wielding mistress of stealth, who can see you even when you can’t see her, and the Crimson Specter, a mentally unstable vigilante whose unparalleled martial arts training and spectacular gear allows him to always keep his opponents on their toes as he strikes fear into their hearts.   A gadgeteer themed booster pack and a sniper booster pack are also ready for print, but we plan to release unarmed martial arts, samurai, gun slinging, and acrobatics based boosters in the near future, as well as a few other mysterious inspired character starter decks.  There are dozens of inspired Power cards to choose from.

Stay tuned for more on the Crimson Specter and Scope, as well as the Mutant Character Origin!

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