Character Origins: The Gear Head

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(Art by Arthur Edel)

What is the relationship between man and machine? In our modern era, does technology make us stronger, augmenting our inherent qualities, or weaken us as we rely more and more upon the capabilities of our techno-sirens than our own potential?

If you are the Gear Head, you’d say that such distinctions are missing the point. Melding man to machine, the Gear Head scoffs at those rugged old-timers that claim “One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men, but no machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.”  The Gear Head sees such perspectives as small-minded.   Why not use one’s human potential to master the machine?

Bionics, mechanical minions, and heavy robotic armor are all staples of the Gear Head origin.  To transcend human, and become more than such, one must embrace one’s humanity as an intimate relationship between man and machine.  Each is greater when combined to the other. Besides, cool new gadgets and super-powered bionics are awesome!

If you have the Gear Head Power origin, you might be a half-man, half-machine super soldier, an armored hero, or an inventor with a variety of powerful gadgets that can lay low your foes with technical precision.

In terms of game play, Gear Heads operate like tanks.  They utilize massive amounts of energy to channel powerful attacks, and wear heavy armor to grant stalwart defenses. The Gear Head as access to the most powerful armor, and the heaviest hitting attacks.  Often, the Gear Head just needs one good shot with an energy cannon or a heat-seeking missile to defeat his enemy, and he can easily shrug off attacks leveled at him that would take down others.   They can usually even stand toe-to-toe with mutants in melee, at least until their armor is smashed to bits, but would rather their armor didn’t have a dent, because without it, they may seem just as squishy as the next human.

Armed with a combination of ranged and melee attacks to troubleshoot a variety of situations, their weakness is that, due to their often bulky, heavy equipment, they are the least mobile of the characters from the four power origins.  They also may find themselves running low on energy in a bind, and can be in trouble when their powers can’t be fueled or they utilize too many of their powers too quickly.  They tend to strike a balance between Mental Power and Physical Power, relying on a variety of bionics, computer systems, and other mechanical wonders to match foes in battle with either brain or brawn.

When building a deck using a Gear Head, make sure to have a mix or ranged and melee attacks.  It never hurts to be able to pump up your physical power with a Robotic Exo-Skeleton, or lock in on your target using Cyber-Optic Implants.  A closet-full of powerful energy-charged armored suits like Cybernetic Plating or the P.L.A.T.E. armor never hurt.   Whatever your choice, you can’t go wrong with some heavy hitting attacks a Gatling Gun or Energy Sword you’re your back is to the wall.  Keep a variety of weapons in your payload in case you need them.

Whatever powers you choose, if you love high-tech, cutting-edge equipment, impenetrable armor, amazing gadgets, bionics, and very big guns, your calling is the Gear Head.

The two Gear Heads most recently spotted in New Saints City are Stronghold, the zealously patriotic Cyborg Soldier, and Meltdown, the mechanical man imprisoned in a hulking radioactive power suit.  Have fun using your mechanical wonders to dominate your foes and turn the tides in Superhuman: Rise to Power!