Character Origins: The Crimson Specter

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Character Origins:  The Crimson Specter.

Who is the Crimson Specter?  Many believe him to be an apparition, an inhuman force, or even an idea.  To see the Crimson Specter is to glimpse at the incarnation of death, and though he has been killed many times, he cannot ever die.  For centuries, he has appeared, a red skeletal apparition bringing vigilante justice to the corrupt aristocracy or the criminal element of city after city.  Red eyes peering from the white mask of a skull, enshrouded by a crimson cape and cowl, he steps forth from the darkness to claim the guilty and take them from this world.

Many have worn the mask of the Crimson Specter, assuming the mantle after each previous wearer passed on to the clutches of death. The Crimson Specter is an agent of powers few understand; He is supported by a secret society known only cryptically as The Order.  Some believe he is the hand of anarchy and chaos, but others see him as a force that transcends the shadows of justice perpetuated by the legal system and the police, a true fighter for a greater good that the broken system cannot any longer claim to support.

The most recent Crimson Specter to put on the Crimson Cape and Skeletal Mask is David Paine.  Originally a detective, he was approached five years ago by the Order after being revived following a near death experience, when his family was killed by the mafia in a bomb blast that mistakenly left him for dead.  In exchange for vengeance, David chose to don the crimson cowl and ivory visage, to let go of his old life, and dedicate himself to the hidden motives of the Order and the promise of great power.

After years of extreme physical and psychological conditioning and re-education, the Crimson Specter has been transformed physically and psychologically into an agent of death.  Armed with a variety of medieval weapons and trained in a multitude of martial arts, the Crimson Specter is an unrivaled hand–to-hand combatant and expert sharp shooter.  He wields a variety of high tech gadgets by his sponsors, to compliment his unrivaled prowess, allowing him to make his foes believe they are fighting something that is more than human.   Will he use his newfound power to fight for order, or will his actions ultimately lead to chaos?  You decide!

The Crimson Specter begins play with the following cards:

Martial Arts Training

Body Hardening

Fearsome Persona

Kevlar Body Armor

Impenetrable Cape

Throwing Knife

Variable Payload Pistol

Smoke Bomb

Weaponized Grappling Hook

Zip Line Shot

If you want to put fear into your enemies, have a trick to turn the tables to your tactical advantage in a variety of situations, and fight with finesse and grace, don the cowl of the Crimson Specter!