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Character Origins: The Gear Head

(Art by Arthur Edel) What is the relationship between man and machine? In our modern era, does technology make us stronger, augmenting our inherent qualities, or weaken us as we rely more and more upon the capabilities of our techno-sirens...
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Character Origins: The Mutant


 Have you recently had a freak accident at a chemical plant?  Do you have a nagging feeling    that those dreams about aliens experimenting on you and altering you DNA are real?  Is that  recent radioactive exposure making you feel…

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Character Origins: The Crimson Specter

Character Origins:  The Crimson Specter. Who is the Crimson Specter?  Many believe him to be an apparition, an inhuman force, or even an idea.  To see the Crimson Specter is to glimpse at the incarnation of death, and though he...
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